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Jhaharha Lackram

I couldn’t help but notice an advertisement on TV about John Edward coming to South Africa. John Edward is a psychic medium probably best known for his show “Crossing over with John Edward”. As the name suggests he can make contact with those who are no longer physically with us. These past few days I have been reminded about my grandfather an awful lot, and it got me reminiscing about a past experience…

During the time spent with my aunt on her vacation here in Pietermaritzburg, I sat up with  her, well beyond midnight, speaking about everything from old family tales to supernatural phenomena, relationships, careers, my life and how confused I am about everything ….

So it got me thinking about many things. My aunt’s late husband was somewhat telepathic, and so was his father. My late uncle could actually read palms, and everything that he saw on my aunt’s palm transpired. Everything! The other day I went past a shop, I heard this eerily creepy music emanating from inside it and the smell of sweet incense wafted out to me, enough to stop me in my tracks. I peered in through the window and gazed at the display and ‘tarot reading, teacup reading, crossing over, relationship problems’ jumped out at me. I was curious. I went in, to enquire about this, my heart pounding in my chest.

The lady, Juliana, had a pendulum resembling object on a piece of string swinging from her hand. She suddenly stopped and we spoke about the services she had offered. Tarot and teacup readings were R60-R70 a session for 20 minutes. A crossing over session costs R150 although the duration depends on what happens in that crossing over session – mediums sometimes become the person who you are crossing over with and it’s as if u are speaking to that dead person.

I spoke to my aunt about this concept because she also went for a session back when her husband died. It messed her up for life. And she’s still on medication because of it. I think I have the ability to not let a crossing over session affect me though. I’m just really curious. I didn’t think I had any burning questions that need to be answered urgently, but I wanted to find out what was happening on the other side. My uncle reckoned that I was out of my mind to do something like that – I should concentrate on this world first, become happy and fulfilled here before delving into the depths of the other world. He reckoned things could also go really wrong – a spirit could come back with me, because a spirit would only be able to communicate with the living if it was struggling with its transition phase.

 Juliana wasn’t a fortune teller, merely a psychic. She could still predict the future though – something I would have really liked to find out about now because I was so confused about the direction in which my life was heading. If she could see the person that I would be a few years down the line, that would’ve been some sort of guidance to me to tell me what to do next year, and for the rest of my life pretty much.

My aunt went for a teacup reading when she was around my age, I think. She told me that she had been through a bad break up and that’s when her eating issues also started, but after having her teacup read, the medium told her that someone special will come into her life. Two weeks after that reading, she met her husband. I played around with this idea of going to Juliana so much that it tore me apart. Why did people NOT want me to go if they DIDN’T believe that this phenomenon existed?

I know I should’ve been happy that my grandfather enriched my life for ten years. I don’t think I can get the love that he showed me in those ten years from anybody else. I know I should have been grateful, and I was/am. But I really wanted to make contact with him again. So many signs told me that I should:

**Juliana’s shop is shop number 13. This jumped out at me – I mean how can you label your shop with such a number (because there are 13 moon cycles, but still. C’mon). She opened up her shop on a Friday the 13th as well. My grandfather passed away on Friday the 13th.

**I went to Juliana’s shop very soon after my aunt was here on vacation, very soon after we had spoken about my grandfather, amongst other things in our conversations after midnight.

**My aunt, before leaving to go back home, left exactly R60 on the table for me – a teacup/tarot session costs exactly that. (You don’t have to necessarily cross over with someone because they do come up in tarot reading and teacup reading sessions too)

**I was supposed to go shopping with my mom one day after she came from work. I didn’t feel up to it because I was tired from school so I SMSed and tried to call her, but there was no response. I hoped that she had at least read the SMS. She didn’t. She came home to fetch me, a sign that I had to go shopping with my mom and meet with Juliana to enquire about these sessions again.

**That same day the phone rang – I picked the phone up having thought it was my mom phoning me after having seen my SMSes and missed calls. It wasn’t, it was my aunt. That’s when we spoke about how she had crossed over, had her teacup read as well as a tarot reading done. I never pick up the phone on the landline. Ever.

My head told me to forget that any of this ever happened and move on, yet my heart told me to do it. I didn’t know what to listen to. I KNOW I should listen to my head because it’s the right thing to do, but I’m so curious. . . .  maybe I should consult with John Edward when he comes here after all. 

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