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Editors Weekly Campus Entrepreneurs

Name:                 Panashe  ‘Pnash’  

Surname:                            Moyo

Degree:                                                Bcom Accounting

Business Name:               101 Entertainment

1.)    Please describe what business it is that you have?

Events on a medium scale that not only cater for students but also non-students. This ranges from Parties, Shows e.g Majika Got Served.

2.)    When did you start you business and why did you start it?

Started in 2010 February with Majika Got Served  1. It was out of the passion that my co-mates and I had for Dance. With the good network we had, it became easier to start off.

3.)    How does it effect your studies?

I’l be honest, I miss quite a number of lectures during event preparations. I however cope with the school work even though it piles up and builds a lot of pressure which I usually tackle as a lump-sum. It does not affect my results though, as I wouldn’t be this far if it did.

4.)    Who are your role models?

Strive Masiyiwa who owns Econet International, Mascom in Botswana, partnered with CellC and also ranked along with the Patrice Motsepe’s as Africa’s Richest.

5.)    Where do you see you business in 5 years

Running an annual Dance TV Show in a certain country.

6.)    What would your advise be to other students who want to branch out into business at this young age

First of all get your school work right that’s the primary objective and foundation then follow your heart, what you love doing. Initially create a network in the line of business you want, this happens involuntarily if its what you love, then use that network for growth.

7.)    What is the best book you read?

Surprisingly!!! I don’t like reading books so I don’t read books that im not forced to (school books).

8.)    What is the next big thing in business? Why do you think so?

Besides tender-related businesses (tenderpreneurship) like construction, Low-input-cost businesses are the way i.e service provision and non-manufacturing. Im talking about your professional consultancy firms, insurance, private banking, asset management etc. This is because the only major input is labour and your mind, unlike having to buy plants, inventories and maintaining those as well as regular maintanence costs. The world is moving towards good service provisions thereby creating an opportunity and easy money-making schemes.

9.)    What does the rest of the year hold for your company?

Beginning of 2nd semester, I have a line up of explosive events in a row. No further detail but its going to be an experience!


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