STUDENT: I'm Not Safe In My Own Room

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Siwakhile Ngcobo

The escalating crime rate in Denison residence is shocking and has left residing students questioning their safety. A week before these numerous theft incidents, more cases were reported to the RMS.

In the past week, on Wednesday 23 March, three rooms in Palladium Block were broken into following the event of other breakings in Mans Tower and Woman’s Tower where one laptop was stolen, respectively. This incident happened during the day when students were attending lectures. On their return from lectures, they discovered their rooms had been broken in to. The reason behind these breakings is believed to be laptop theft as these students have laptops. Unfortunately for the perpetrator he was unsuccessful in his attempts because the student had left with their laptops and other valuable goods.  One if the victims (Samkelisiwe Mbanjwa) left a digital camera in her room and they only took that because there was no laptops and the other rooms nothing else was taken.

The victims also said that this incident has made them to be extra careful and worried about their safety because if someone can break in at broad day light was stopping them from doing it at night sleeping alone, who knows what they might do.” I’m not safe in my own room” says Mbanjwa As we all know that it is speculated the crime rates are due to the fact the Denison matron had refused the RMS  from patrolling the resident internally and ever since then theft has been on the increase. She had told them to stay at the gate. One of the victims Samkelisiwe Mbanjwa did call the RMS after the incident to tell them about the breaking and to give a statement but RMS did not come. She went to them and said that they would send someone to her but up until today, no official has come.  Student have took initiative for themselves by keeping the main door locked at all times and conscious about who enters the residence.

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