KUBER: Latest Addition to "stimulant" drug family


Article Written By:

Nokwanda Mazibuko

At first it was China fruit, “bhekaminangedwa” and "Intando", now young girls are anxious to improve their sexual performance in bed. The drug is  due to pressure from their friends and partners. Any stimulant drug is of vital use to them and when it comes at a lower cost of R2, it’s a bargain!  Most women who are tired of being used and dumped by their men have turned to Kuber, a nicotine containing drug from Bihar, India and is believed to stimulate sexual performance and elevate the mood of individuals in bed. The drug is widely consumed by taxi drivers and secondary school learners in and around Durban. This is an “ideal” easily accessible drug sold in supermarkets, grocery shops and taxi ranks by local and other international vendors. These shopkeepers are unaware of the contents of the drug and even put it on display together with the sweets, chips and other products they sell whilst Indians privately sell it and even hide the receipts.

The users of this drug classify it as smokeless tobacco similar to snuff in the local arena. They place portions of it between the cheek and the gum and then chew tobacco, ingest saliva or spit out the excess. Kuber vendors of this drug classify it as a mouth freshener but surprisingly enough, it can get one very high. “If you put it in hot water and drink it like tea, you get very drunk,’ reveals an interviewee from a Ugandan source. Most young girls know kuber as a harmless drug and even the people who sell it are unaware of its effects. Anyone would accept a green wrapped, glossy packed mouth freshener if it comes at a cheap price, knowing that it’s harmless and that it gives double the pleasure in bed would add to the reasons why someone would use it. The  health studies reveal that the drug which is openly sold online ( as “an appealing fragrance which will please your senses” contains 28 cancer causing agents and if its user takes three to four times more nicotine than cigarette smokers, making it more addictive.

 There is however a downside to the Kubar high. Some of the after effects of kuber include bleeding, dizziness, and holes on the gum line, cervical cancer, and infertility. It contains cannabidol and delta 9- tetra cannabidol (THC) which are primary ingredients in Indian hemp (marijuana) and this has led to its banishment in countries such as Malawi and Tanzania whilst serious discussions about it are undertaking place in Botswana. This drug, like other drugs is dangerous, so user beware.

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