Student Jail Nightmare



Article Written By:

Kodi Xulu

So how does it happen that I find myself in jail after a night with friends? I’ll tell you! Sometime before the easter holidays I remember helping this guys out inside the res I stay at-malherbe. You see this guy had a computer with him and he was standing by the gate, this is about 12pm at night by the way. I was making my way out of res to the BP garage for some Coke & cigarrettes, and he simply asked me to help him carry ‘his’ computer out and swipe him out the gate because he had forgotten his card. So being the good guy I am I did help him (anything for the fans hey!), swiped him out of the gate with my card and we parted ways. Time went by until 12th of may, if I remember it right, I was making my way home from a night at the hexagon theatre and a round of beers with friends. I get to my house and a group of 3black cops flogg me with questions. Where’s the computer? So you’re the guys who’s been stealing computers at the residents? WTF! I was taken into the van and all the way down to the Loop Street Police Station in town.

So story was the guy I helped had stolen the computer and he had been burgling the residents at Dennison & Malherbe residents, He had stolen items worth R7 000-00 at the res. I was then charged with his case of House breaking and theft, I stayed in the holding cells from Thursday night to Monday morning for making that one mistake of helping a person. I was only allowed to see a lawyer on Monday morning before I left for court, luckly! My dads lawyer had sorted it all out! I got outta there ASAP!

That was an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat Ever! I shared a cell with 5 other people, the walls were covered with swear words, gun drawings and other pictures I will not eleborate on. The toilet is just a pan in the corner of the room and you have to go while people watch you, the blankets smell like wet dog and don’t get me strated on how they look. The food…oooh now that’s something else,Rhino bread that is broken by hand like the bread from the holy communion and water, sometimes if you’re get egg and I don’t eat eggs(chicken abortions) so you can imagine how hard I had it.

Word of advice, don’t swipe people out at the turnstiles.

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