NUX Goes Online

Article Written By:

Keabetswe Mangonela

Its finally happened. What am I talking about you might ask? Well before I get into it I just have to say, if only in passing, that its one of the most monumental events to happen to the Nux Student Media brand. On the 1st of September 2011, the Nux is going to launch a fresher and more user friendly website. As with all new ventures, there was the invariable mixture of feelings from light footed trepidation to unadultarated excitement. It was a culmination of many hours spent brooding, toiling and planning until the eventual product. To  the team here at the Nux, it almost feels as if we gave birth to a legacy and we can only hope that with the coming years it will grow and flourish into a fully formed platform wherein breaking news on campus and around the world is brought to you, the UKZN student, for not just information but your reading pleasure as well. The initial idea behind the website stemmed from the team acknowledging  that to stay relevant in the contemporary media environment, print media needs to incorporate a digital element in the way that news is dissiminated. Special thanks have to be extended to the machines behind the operation. Firstly Zama Mkhwanazi, who is the official web administrator. Simphiwe Xulu, who is responsible for Nux online editorial content. Finally to the rest of the current affairs team, we dob our hats to you. A new era has began, lets embrace the digital age.       

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