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Nikita Fynn 

Witty hosts, exquisite attire and scrumptious snacks set the scene for the Assegai’s 2011. The event held at the Hexagon Theatre on Wednesday the 14th of September honored all Media Students attending UKZN (Pietermaritzburg Campus).
The audiences were treated to an array of short films ranging from comedy to drama and were entertained in between.  the Presenter  Kline Smith and Pietermaritzburg’s very own Class Act Finalist, the gorgeous Nina Hlalo recorded a hilarious skit, next up the Drama Department’s talented dancers had a piece prepared for the viewers and finally, beautiful music by the trendy band “ The Comic Book Heroes” had the room filled with feet tapping.
Memorable films such as “Jonah” and “Set Me Free” had the audience in awe as it was difficult to comprehend that all the skills used to produce such exceptional films were not obtained at a film school.

Top performing students like Claire Keyworth, Tasmika Rumkuran, Kristin Williams and Christine Kirkman  to name a few were presented with a certificate and a prize awarding their admirable efforts. On a more playful note, our very own NUX exec Shardia Ebrahim and  her partner Urschelin  Armoogam were presented with “The Best Dressed Couple” of the evening award for their glammed-up look. Donovan Van Oor the over achiever of the evening received three awards for the best script, best film and best editing. He did seem pretty overwhelmed as he had very little to say, but never the less, congratulations to him.
Be there or be square, next year, as it only gets bigger and better, a chance to meet South Africa’s future stars and a chance to “glam up” and enjoy an evening of untainted enchantment.

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